Che bella macchina

But is it worth the price?

$_57 (9)

Vintage 1963 Bianchi Competizione road racing bicycle

*1963 Bianchi Competizione*
Made in Italy

Frame size: CC: 60cm CT: 61.5 cm
Campagnolo Classic 1960s Road equipment:

-all original Italian period equipment (except minor parts such as tires, brake pads, hubs, chain, and tire pump)
-original Bianchi graphics

Frame Details:

-Columbus seamless double butted frame tubes
-Italian Original chromed cast fork crown
-Long Point cutaway hand-filed lug set
-Campagnolo Special forged frame ends
-Campagnolo Special forged fork tips
-Italian Chrome beautifully polished 3-layer plate

Equipment details:

-Campagnolo Original Record #1020 chromed bronze changer
-Campagnolo Original Record #1013 gear shifters
-Campagnolo Original Gran Sport front changer
-Campagnolo Original Record #1039 headset
-Gentlemen Original Rims
-Continental Gatorskin tires
-Avocet Hubs
-Bianchi Forged Steel chromed
-Simplex Competition aluminum chainring set 45×53 rings
-Brooks Original B.17 saddle excellent condition
-Universal Mod. 61 Original brake set
-Ambrosio original aluminum handlebar and stem
-Campagnolo Original umbrella pump clip
-Tornade Original Silbloc Frame Pump
-Lyotard Original 45A pedals
-Christophe Original chromed toeclips

This thing has recently had an extensive tune-up including new cables, new brake pads, headset overhaul and wheel overhaul. It rides like a dream!

For it’s age and originality, this bike is in impeccable condition both in function and looks. However, it is not in mint condition. There is wear in the original paint and graphics, and saddle (as seen in photos). There is also some rust on the umbrella pump clip and the toe clips.

Overall, it’s an amazing ride and an excellent example of fine Italian craftsmanship.


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