ciocc $_57 (10)

Hi all,
you are in for a very special treat here, an original CIOCC SAN CRISTOBAL WORLD CHAMPION 77 made by Giovanni Pelizzoli himself to celebtrate Claudio Corti’s winning of 1977 world cup with his glorious Ciocc San Cristobal bike! Beautifully finished in metallic red colour! Built with a complete Gipiemme Special pista groupset.
Pelizzoli says about this bike:
“I worked as a mechanic for the pro team G.S. ZONCA, where Gianni Motta was racing, while producing my CIÖCC bicycles. Great results were achieved in the amateur racing too. In 1977 I won the world cup with Claudio Corti racing one of my bikes. Claudio also won a Giro d’Italia for amateurs and many other races.
A frame that during the years gave me countless victories, the SAN CRISTOBAL, was built in honour of the world title conquered by Claudio.”
Frame is fully chromed under the paint and has a special designed geometry which reduces the gap between wheels and frame allowing a better aerodynamic.Paint shows some classic sign from use and chrome too. Frame and fork structure is 100% perfect with no bumps or problem of any kind. Classic super solid and light Columbus tubing. Panto Ciocc on lugs and fork including the enlighted bottom bracket shell. Campagnolo Pista front drop outs.
Bike was bought in 1978 by its only owner who constantly used it for racing professionally on Italian Velodromes. Bike had a sticker with number 22 in black on yellow background applied over the Columbus decal which got partially peeled off when removing the yellow sticker. The bike was used by the guy for about 6 years and then he replaced tubulars and bar stem with those you see now so that her daughter Rosy could use the bike during her training lessons when she was only 12 year old. She used the bike from 1984 to 1987 on Italian Velodromes. The bike remained stored in their garage since then. I only inflated the tubulars (which hold air perfectly and kept the best pictures I could for your reference.
The bike is built as follows:
Gipiemme Special Pista 27.2 fluted seatpost
Gipiemme Special Pista 1″ steel threaded headset
Gipiemme Special Pista bottom bracket
Gipiemme Special Pista crankset
Gipiemme Special Pista pedals with Christophe toeclips and yellow straps
Gipiemme Special Pista hubs laced on 700C Martano Gran Prix tubular rims
3TTT stem and handlebars
3TTT (Benotto style) yellow tape and bar plugs
3TTT Criterium 78 black suede saddle (still in perfect condition)
Vittoria Atlanta 22-28 yellow Pista tubulars
Just a few more words as not many know Martano rims. Back in time the Martano Grand Prix model was considered by many the Italian equivalent of the French much famous Mavic GP4 rims. Wheels run super smooth and silent and rims are still as straight as an arrow.



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