Bianchi Specialissima $_57

1964 Bianchi Specialissima in original, rideable condition.
Perfect for a restoration.

Condition of frame: No dents, some pitting of chromed parts.
Chips in paint down to chromed steel, but no major rust. Most decals good, other than Bianchi logo on seat tube.

All original
Campy record hubs, derailleurs, shifters, seat post, crank, bottom bracket.
TTT stem and bars.
Campy pedals with Christophe clips are rusty, but spin well.
Hubs have been re-packed, adjusted and feel great.
BB spins well, but sounds dry.
HS spins well, but bearing condition is unknown.
The points for a freewheel removal tool are striped, but FW and chain are both on good shape.
Limit screws on front derailleur are seized.
Tires are a little dry rotted, but hold air.
Brooks saddle is rideable, but not great
Drive train and brakes removed, cleaned and re-lubed.
Rear derailleur has steal pulleys w/ bearings

Postscript: starting bid is now $1000, down from $1500 awhile ago. How low will it go before it sells?



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