I <3 México

mex $_57

Vintage 1982 52 CM Colnago Mexico. Beautiful bike! All original parts and paint etc. For its day this bike was pretty much built with the best parts available Campagnolo Super Record throughout Cineli Bars Cinelli Stem. Mavic G 40 Wheels with super record hubs.
Super Record Brakeset
Suer Record drilled gum Hood Brake Levers
Super Record Shifters
Super record front Dérailleur
Super Record Rear Dérailleur
Super Record Crankset
Super Record Head Set
Super Record Seat Post
Super Record Crankset
The Freewheel however is a Suntour Winner Pro 13×24 6 Speed

All Campagnolo Parts are in Excellent condition! Super Clean and Nice.
This bike rides amazing and is very much ready to ride right out of the box. I would hate to think this bike becomes a wall queen on display as this bike rides amazingly nice!
many bike sellers try to exude as much profit as possible out of these beautiful vintage bikes.
So they strip the bike of all the parts and sell the frame separate. And then continue and part out the whole bike.

I personally feel this is a shame and kind of silly as the buyer will have to try and find and buy all those same part to build it back up.

This is all original as when bought new.

Bike has scratches and flaws in the pain and decals
and scratches in paint in various places and nicks. But as the photos show,she still looks beautiful! Or you could do restore and decals and make her new again!

Top Tube 52
Seat Tube 50



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