Bianchi Folgore Cambio Corsa

Unusual; never seen anything like it. Different from the usual Celeste.

bi $_57 (10)

This bid is for a RARE
Bianchi Folgore Cambio Corsa – Offered from the late 1940’s, with many rare and period- correct components. The frame (with some components) was offered for sale by two officionado/s during the 2003 Cirque. serial number B260611.

Bianchi parts include the integrated Headset, seatpost binder, leather saddle (very rare), crankset, and bottom bracket (cottered).

The Cambio Corsa dropouts (17 tooth), shifters (two-levers) are Campagnolo (open C) as well as the hubs with dog-bone quick-release, the freewheel is a Regina Corsa 4-speed (NOS 14-16-18-20) attached to DAM D’Alesandro Ghisallo 36H wooden rims (NOS), and new sew-ups. Pedals are steel Shelfields.

Handlebar and stem are chromed steel Ambrosio and nickel-played. Brakes and toptube clamps are Universal.

This frame was repainted at one point (a long time ago) with transfers on head and seat tube and internal-cable holes drilled in the top tube(for brakes,,or lighting wires). Frame size is ctc Seat Tube, and 58 ctc Too Tube.


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