1977 21 1/2″ Jack Taylor Tour of Britain

Low starting bid on this one…

jt $_57

I am offering my treasured 1970s Jack Taylor classic English road bike to a discerning and no doubt younger rider. This bike was a big part of my life for over 25 years until about ten years ago when I moved to a rural enviorment. At my age I haven’t been able to make the transition from streets to highways.

As you can tell from the receipt I’ve kept all these years I spent big bucks on the frame, fork, brakes, levers, seat post bolt and (now replaced) headset.

I built the bike myself so I picked each the other components individually. Some of them are well-used and everything needs a good cleaning.

Here are the specs (some from memory):

Jack Taylor 21 1/2″ Tour of Britain frame #6399 of Reynolds Tubing with Campagnolo wheel lugs (rear lugs missing adjusting screws) and brazed pump and bottle holders as well as brakes and cable guides.

Mavic 700C X 25mm presta tube type rims (original)

Sun Tour 13-30 5-ring freewheel (from the 70s but only used a little)

Shimano Sora long cage rear derailleur (10 years old, hardly used)

Campagnolo low flange hubs (original; the front missing its D-ring handle)

M.A.F.A.C. cantilever brakes & levers (original)

Campagnolo seat post bolt (original)

SR seat post (original)

Serfas Seat (the 90s, I guess)

Sun Tour Cyclone front derailleur (original)

TA triple 31-38-45 front chainwheel (original)

Shimano sealed bottom bracket (the 90s)

Kyokuto Pro-Ace toe clip pedals (close to original)

SR (I think) black randonneur handlebars & stem (original; damaged finish particularly on stem)

Sun Tour handlebar shifters (original; lots of scratches)

Sun Tour (I think) headset (the 90s)

CyclePro handlebar Bag (the 90s)

Zefal Rush floor pump w/ presta adapter (the 90s; not used much)

You can see from the pics that the frame and fork have a lot of scratches in the paint.

I made the mistake of removing the original paint.

There is one dent near the middle of the top tube. This doesn’t affect performance and can probably be filled and painted over. There are marks in the paint on the head where the shifter cables hit.

As for performance, this bike really is, as they say, smooth yet responsive and tracks perfectly straight.

I bought this in 1977 from an ad in Bicycling magazine after reading an article on the Taylor brothers and their two-man factory. It might be available online.



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