1956 Legnano Roma Olimpiade 54cm

Interesting and unusual bike for these parts. Plus, Classic Rendezvous indicates that the Roma Olimpiade is (was) Legnano’s top-of-the-line bike.


1956 Legnano Roma Olimpiade 54cm restored w/Campagnolo, Brooks. etc – $800 (bed-stuy)

I am regrettably parting with my latest project bike to make room for yet another project bike. This bike was given to me from an Italian who brought this bike over from the old country. He has been the owner since the 60’s I believe. It took a year but I was able to source an amazing group for this, all era specific. It’s also the original paint still, hence the chips. All rust is topical, the inner frame has been shot out with frame saver a few times over. This one is definitely worth finding a good painter.

Brooks b17 saddle and handlebar wrap
Cinelli stem and bars
Mafac drilled levers
original Universal caliper brakes (cause Campy wan’t making brakes yet!)
1960’s Frejus steel fenders (worth around $300 by themselves…)
rare Campagnolo Velox r. der.
Campagnolo record f. der.
Original Campy Shifters
The wheels have the first set of hubs Campy ever made fully polished and rebuilt to the original rims
Campagnolo Gran sport pedals from the 60’s
Regina 5 speed Freewheel

Every part of this bike has been professional dismantled, cleaned then put back together again. the only problem it has is with it’s original headset. Tis a bit pitted but not the end of the world, I can still ride no handed if that tells you anything.

Serious offers only, if you absolutely have to have this bike (and I understand) I can work a tiny bit on the price.



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