1981 Vintage Bianchi Campione del Mondo

If we didn’t already have a Celeste beauty, this one would be ours.


1981 Vintage Bianchi Campione del Mondo Road Bike w/ Campagnolo – $650 (Chelsea)

Beautiful 1981 Bianchi Campione del Mondo with 52cm frame, Columbus tubing and much of the original Campagnolo hardware (some paint chips and minimal hardware rust but in otherwise perfect condition)

First photo shoes the bike with a fresh clean, the rest show a bit of dirt and muck which can easily be whipped away. (selling as is, busy schedule as I prepare for job relocation and no time to clean before sale).

Modifications from Original Condition:

– Converted from 12 speed to fixed gear (retained both original Campagnolo gears, crank set, shifter levers located on fram and wheel axels)

– Replaced clip in petals with vintage Bianchi fixed gear road bike pedals with leather straps and toe cages

– Removed original hand brakes and back break to be replaced with modern break lever (retained front Campagnolo break)

Original 1981 Catalog Description:


The 12-speed bicycle of the Belgian Bianchi racing team. Columbus tubing frame plus all Campagnolo equipment including Nuovo Record derailleurs, Gran Sport brakes with drilled-out levers, Bianchi engraved stem, seatpost and chainwheels.



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