Mystery rando

fr $_57

Early 50’s french randonneuse, good condition. bautiful frame, saddle tube c to c 53 cm, horizontal tube c to c 54 cm, front wheel to bb 60 cm, rear wheel to bb 42.5 cm. Frame number 9739 on left rear dropout.The short Mafac canti braze-on attest period of manufacture, it looks a very high standart of making but no clue as to the maker.
Cyclo rear mech should be 5 speed as the hanger is designed for it, but it is fitted with 4s model and the freewheel is 5s
Dural handlebar (36 cm) and stem (80 mm) Mafac canti with 14 mm fixing bolts, Clb levers,
650B Wolber Super randonneur tyres on Mavic Critérium rims, Normandy super compétition hubs
Stronglight 49 crankset with 50-42-30 TA dural cégédur rings
Atom 700 pedals, Christophe toe-clips, Paturaud toe-straps
Brooks B17 Champion standard saddle with steel pin Soubitez lights


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