Small frame Raleigh Professional

Love the colors, looks very nice.


Raleigh Professional 50.5cm center to center seat tube and 53cm center to center top tube. This bike is incredible,it was built for a well know track racer in the early 1970’s in England and bought over to the States when he retired here.I’m the second owner and have had it over 10 years. The condition is exceptional,paint is excellent with hardly a mark on it.Campagnolo Record group throughout.The Brooks saddle is one of a kind with 25mm rivets.Notice the missing “Carlton” decal on the center of the down tube.This was done on purpose and is not missing.I do have an original decal but decided not to alter the bicycle by applying it.Tires are Vittoria’s and not original.Tubing is Reynolds 531. Stand over height is 30.25″ (77cm) Chrome is excellent,Campagnolo dropouts.


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