Our bikes, part three

This is part three of our bikes (parts one and two are here and here), a 20″ Viner bambino (yes, we have a thing for juvenile road bikes).

15847195129_90da876c00_b 16031288551_5bbf17b361_b 16031288361_591bd69095_b 15847483667_1b0c26b073_b 16007456666_f101d6a2f8_b 15847195329_a43c6922ba_b 15410974634_cfafe78ec0_b

With the 24″ Olmo:


With the 1987 Bianchi Pista:


All three together:


One of these days we’ll get to the full-size bikes in our fleet.


3 thoughts on “Our bikes, part three

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  2. Where do you find a set of 20″ wheels??? I have a Pinarello frame and fork that I need some wheels for and cannot find them anywhere. Cheers!


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