1973 Raleigh Competition

Nice, but overpriced, we think.


1973 Vintage Raleigh Competition 10 Speed – $700

Vintage Raleigh Competition 10 speed bicycle in great condition with absolutely no rust, just normal use scratches and wear. As near as I can tell, this is a 1973 model. The serial number is: A 2112. This bike has been sitting a garage for about 30 years. Every piece on the bike was carefully dissembled, cleaned and re-greased. Everything appears to be original (even the Brooks racing saddle) except for the late 70’s, early 80’s BullsEye sealed roller bearing hubs and possibly the rims, although they are Weinmann, same as would have originally come with the bike. The identical hubs alone recently sold for $300 on eBay, and would make this an especially good “rider” for anyone who wants to ride and appreciate this bike. If you want the bike shipped, we would have to work out the additional cost. $700 or trade for?



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