Bianchi Selvino

Love, love, love the color (Verde Salvia— Sage Green).

sg $_57 (25)

Bianchi Selvino complete bicycle in Verde Salvia (Sage Green). 56 cm frame. Excellent vintage condition, great patina! Compare it to the picture in found in a 1953 catalogue. The hubs are made by Fratelli Brivio (FB) and stamped FB 51 on the hub axles. The hubs are then stamped with Bianchi in cursive on the hub bodies. The head tube has an integrated headset which is chromed. The rear brake housing and cable are internal with a wire leading to the rear. The shift cable and housing is also internal. The rims look shiny and new. The saddle is the Mondial brand and appears to be original. This description holds true to the bicycle when I purchased it a few years ago and shipped from Italy.

I have made many improvements and restoration. Some are the Clement tires (shipped to me with narrow racing tires)., larger headlamp with glass globe lens, Bianchi rear reflector, rear lamp, Bianchi Dynamo, added the black Bianchi pedals, conversion to 4 speeds (found that the 3 speed freewheel was inoperable due to worn spaces between teeth), replaced the worn out 9mm axle with a new 9.5mm axle and Campagnolo gran sport 9.5mm cones which now allows for the Bianchi outer lock nuts on the rear, repacked front and rear hubs. Headset and bottom bracket are smooth. I hope it’s buyer will enjoy each change and addition. I will include the original FB axle and cones.

Compare the bike to the ad in picture 2, same model, possibly same year. Very Similar to and is the same model as the 1953 Bianchi Selvino found in google search in images. There is also images of a 1945 Cinelli of the same type of model and gearing.


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