Koga Miyata

Interesting JV by Dutch Koga and (well-known) Japanese Miyata.

km $_57 (25)

Very nice vintage Koga Miyata touring / randonneur bicycle.

Pretty “fully” original piece from the mid eighties, in very nice condition.

With a Shimano Deore XT (Deer head) and 600EX / 6207 gruppo.

Triple crankset with 6 gears in the back.

Front and rear Koga Miyata branded alloy rack, and even a Silva frame pump with the Koga Miyata logo.

For more pictures / info please contact me.

Although this is a fully functioning bicycle, I would recommend checking it over / setting it up properly before touring with it.

Specs and measurements:

Top tube: 54,5 cm – cc

Seat tube: 53 cm – cc / 54,5 cm – c.top

Spacing: 100 – 126

Threading: British



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