Motobecane Classic Sport

This is quite possibly the nicest Motobecane we have ever seen.

No comment/opinion on whether it is worth the asking price of $1,849, however.

motob $_57

Motobecane Classic Sport Bicycle

About this bike

Motobecane classic sports bicycle. Here we present a really rare and superb Motobecane sports bicycle. The highlight of this cycle is certainly its frame. Made of Reynolds 531 steel tubes, it dates back to the 1960s and shows – in very good condition – a meticulous attention to details.

Just having a look at the lugs, it is already evident that it is about a hand-crafted frame made during the golden age of the bicycle manufacturing, when the craftsmanship was predominant.

This bicycle is a true sports cycle. It is equipped with top-class parts – including Campagnolo and high-end Clipper fenders – and rolls on very stable and performing Rigida rims which assure a very pleasant ride.

What is better than a Brooks vintage leather saddle to complete this elegant two-wheeler? For true gentlemen…

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Seat Tube
Top Tube
Head Tube


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