Nice price Raleigh Professional tall frame

The price reflects dings in the seat tube, which the seller claims doesn’t impact the bike’s functionality. What do we think of that?

Nice color, too.

rpb $_57

This auction is for a 1974 Raleigh Professional 12-speed in the 24″ (or 61cm) c-c seat tube size with a 58cm top tube. It retains most of its original components and has considerably clean paint and chrome work. I purchased it three years ago from a shop in San Francisco where the salesman said he was pretty sure they’d just got it from the original owner, who’d obviously taken care of the bike for 30+ years. However, he was an older man and apparently locked the bicycle’s seat tube in his frame holder too tight on occasion, so there is some slight denting/squeezing on the seat tube! It is not enough to ruin the bike’s functionality, but I want to get that out of the way right now – this is not a collector’s frame without structural imperfections. Please see the photos to view said damage.

As far as the components go: the brake levers, brakes, shifters, both derailleurs, crank set, pedals, heat set, seat post, cable holders on the top tube and the cable runner on the down tube are all original Campagnolo Nuovo Record. The handlebars are the correct GB but the stem is also GB, while the original would have been a 3T. The original Brooks Professional saddle is still in nice shape and I’ve applied Brooks saddle conditioner to it twice since I bought it. The hub set, unfortunately, is the next step down (Gran Sport) and I do not know why that may be – originally the bike would be equipped with Nuovo Record wheels. The rims are nice tubulars made by Fiamme, and the Panaracer Practice 270 tubular tires were put on when I purchased the bike. The tires are not glued on, and I have never ridden the bike! It was supposedly tuned up at the shop when it was purchased, and my own tinkering shows that the gears all work fine.

The bicycle appears without grip tape or hoods because I removed those items in order to replace the stem with a shorter (and proper 3T) example, which didn’t happen. As you can see in the last photo, there is a set of NOS Benotto silver-grey grip tape that would look great with the bike (the cables are a very similar color) as well as a rare set of reproduction hoods exactly like the originals (which cost $50!) Those items will be provided with the bike. The brakes are not perfectly adjust because the cables were off while fiddling with the cockpit… Otherwise throwing the tape and hoods on, recalibrating the brakes and gluing the tires on should give someone an excellent riding, nearly all original bicycle that’s ready for fun – if not the showroom floor.

I am considering the dings in the seat tube with my price for this Raleigh Professional, which is otherwise a very solid example of a sought after machine. I am including shipping in the price!


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