24″ junior Miyata Mixte

Looks very good! These are certainly very rare, so we’d be all over it if we didn’t already have a youth Mixte.


24″ Miyata Junior Sport road / racing bike – $195 (Hopewell)

24″ Miyata Sport Junior racing / road bike for sale.
Older but high quality bike (made in Japan) in very good shape.
My daughter absolutely loved this fast and light bike because she was able to keep up with the adults and make a 15-20 miles round trips – at the age of 8!!!
Very well built bike. One pedal stroke and the wheels spin forever.
All original except the Bontrager Race kids seat. I also replaced the front bolt on hub so now is much easier to remove the front wheel with the quick release.
The current tires are down to 50% tread – still good to ride but the bike comes with a pair of brand new tires and one spare tube.
In 100% working condition, wheels are true, very good paint. Needs nothing.



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