Looks like a very neat and interesting bike for the asking price.

st $_57 (25)

Stella was a French bicycle trade founded in 1909. The company sponsored Louison Bobet,and He won the Tour de France in 1953 and 1954 while riding Stella bicycles.

The bicycle has been stripped down entirely ( as you can see on picture) and totally rebuilt. You can see the amazing original paint, and decals. Any way this bike is 100/100 original, even the tires !!!
-Frame size: 55.50 cms x 54.50 cms + 60.00 cms
-Front dérailleur: Huret lever operated ( dérailleur suicide )
-Rear Dérailleur: Huret: Huret Tour de France( incised Huret Logo) 4 speeds
-Shifters: Huret ( rare with the logo )
-Crankset: Stella engraved “Stella equipe Course”
-Lyotard Pedals with Ava-Christophe toe clips
– Ava Rims 650B ( the front one have a little poc on the top), the side,
Original Dunlop tires.
-Stella Hubs
-Wonderful Saddle with the coq, Stella logo
-Stella handlebar with Pivo stem.
-Guidonnet brake levers CLB, with a new gomlak varnish
Jeay brakes
-Radios front light, Soubitez tail light and Joss dynamo.
-Mistral air pump.
-Cock bell.




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