Cinelli… mountain bike

Here’s something different— might have come in handy this winter. We have to say we’re moderately tempted! Will someone exercise the very reasonable $349.95 Buy-It-Now option?

cav $_57

Ultra-rare Cinelli mountain bike
1991 was the only year Cinelli made this bike. It’s a must-have for any collector of rare Cinellis. The frame is Columbus Acciaio Nivacrom Oversize steel tubing. There are two dents in the top tube (see photos). They don’t affect strength or ride quality.

The bike is almost completely original. As far as I can tell, only the rear wheel and real brake have been replaced. All of the original Cinelli-branded components are here.

High-end Suntour, Dia-Compe, and Cinelli. This bike is ready to restore or ride as is. It would even make an awesome bike shop or man-cave decoration.

Seat Tube (center to center) 19 inches
Top Tube (center to center) 23.5 inches
Standover at middle of Top Tube 31.5 inches


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