Nice PX10

In an uncommon color (blue, whereas the majority of PX10s seem to be white) and wearing uncommon decals. Nice.

$_57 bp

This Peugeot PX-10 60cm was made in 1962. This is a very special PX-10 which has the Super Deluxe decaling on it. This model was above the PX-10 and a very rare one. It has Nervex lugs and Reynolds 531 frame and fork. This is a two owner bike. The first had it in Aspen until last year when it was purchased by my father who took it to Italy to ride it in L’Eroica. The bike was originally purchased at Dick’s Bicycle Shop in Boulder, CO. It has all the original parts including sew up Normandy Wheels and competition hubs. The pedals are Campagnolo Record Quill with cages. It has a brown leather Brooks saddle and tool pouch. The chain is NOS Regina Oro old stock. Blue was the only color available for this high end bicycle.

Edit: hyperlink added to Dick’s Bicycle Shop.

Postscript: the auction closed at $662. Nice price for a nice bike which undoubtedly had to have cost more than that to restore.


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