1975 Pogliaghi Strada 59.5cm

Wonder where this one will end up. From http://www.classicrendezvous.com/Italy/Pogliaghi/Pogliaghi_main.htm:

“Sante Pogliaghi was one of the acknowledged masters of post war Italian frame builders. He was sought after by top Olympic and Professionals alike. While his track bikes, both solo and track are most famous, he also made superb road bikes. Sante passed away << edited: (in the year) 2000. The rights to manufacture frames under his name had been acquired by Marc Rossin around 1982, then in the later 1980s, the Basso brothers. >> Bikes from the 1970s and earlier, made by Sante himself, are highly prized by knowledgeable collectors.”


Vintage road bike from Sante Pogliaghi (Italy), type “Strada”.

Probably made in 1975.

Made for Elio Betori, Foligno, Italy (stamped “BET” in bb shell)

Lugged steel framework with Campagnolo dropouts and Reynolds 531 tubing.

Frame number “#D130” and “PSM” in seat lug.

Original paintwork in “champagne metallic”.

Equipped with Campagnolo Record, Cinelli, etc.

Very original.

Good/OK condition:
Original paintwork with patina and signs of use and age.
No touch ups and all original paint.
Chrome on fork crown original with few hurts.
Parts mostly good/OK with some signs.

Good technic:
Parts in overall mostly good condition and full useable.
Full serviced and checked.

Large sized with 59.5cm from center to center:

Seat tube (c-c) 59.5cm (c-t 61cm), top tube (c-c) 58cm,
weight like presented 10.05kg, handlebar (c-c) 40cm, stem (c-c) 110mm.


Postscript: the auction closed at $2,900.


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