Long tall trackie


Vintage French Gitane Fixed Gear Track Bike – $250 (520 North Bridge St)

For sale is a rare vintage French steel track bike, c. 1970’s.

It has one Universal handbrake, and has a fixed-gear-only setup for the rear wheel, complete with a lockring. The bike has really cool high-flange hubs and French Mavic rims, with a nice modern soft gel saddle, and it has the original headset with the PIVO (non-AVA) stem.

The frame itself has that classic look only offered by externally lugged steel. There are no major scuffs on the paint, and the bike comes with the modern standard 700c wheel size. The frame’s dropouts are track-design, where it pulls straight back. The front wheel is quick release, and the rear is a bolt-on.

You can ride it if you put a new chain and set of tubular tires on. Modern tubular tires go up to 200PSI, higher than any clincher rim will allow. This bike was designed for the indoor racetracks, or ‘velodromes.’

You can use it as wall-art, if you’re not in the mood to get this baby back on the track. It’s a very nice-looking bike, with the classic style of externally lugging the steel frame. If you did a little work, it could also be a very cool fixie city bike.

This would also make for a fantastic piece of wall-art.

The bike is roughly 58cm, good for a rider who is roughly 6′ tall.



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