Zeus Super Ser 56cm


Rare Zeus Super Ser racing Bike – $188 (Princeton)

I have had this bike since the late 1970’s after a friend gave it to me. It’s a 56 cm frame, that’s a 22″. I’m 5’8 and fit perfectly with the saddle fairly low.

I used it for my racing days at Rutgers nearly 30 years ago. Though I never crashed there is a small dent on the top tube (see pic) and I can see it has slid on the derailleur side at some time. The frame, Reynolds 531 aluminum, (see pic) was state of the art in it’s day and still rides surprisingly nicely. Most of the components have been upgraded to Campagnolo Nuevo record (Both derailleurs, brakes, pedals, front wheel hub, shift levers) it’s a very sweet machine. It’s never been left in the rain though there are some tiny areas where the paint is lees than perfect as I did get caught training in the rain many times.

I have been storing this in my attic for many years, taking it out every July 4th to go see the fireworks but, finally, it’s time to find a better home. As a result of my lack of regular use there are a few things which could use updating… the most serious being a pedal cap needs replacement. The brake hoods have dried out as well. I did put some new rubber on a few years ago and it seems fine. This bike is known in racing circles for it’s excellent frame geometry and build quality and while it certainly needs a good cleaning, for the price, this is a steal. The components alone are worth well beyond my price. The crank set, chain rings and rear hub are Zeus. I have repacked the ball bearings many times and they are smooth as silk. If you need more pictures just ask. Call, text or email anytime. show contact info

Wheel Size: 700cc
Model: Super Ser
Origin: Spain
Saddle: Avocet Racing
Rims: Mavic
Chainring: 52/42
Rear cassette: 13/15/18/21/23?



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