André Maury Randonneuse

am $_57

– Andre Maury Frame #3603

Legere Tubing
Lovely Fillet Brazing
Front Derailleur Mount
Rear Derailleur Mount
Rear Derailleur Spring Eyelet
Cantilever Posts
Fender/Mudguard Mounts
Rack Mounts
Internal Wiring
Chain Rest
Cable Guides
Pump Pegs
Blue/Red Box Lining
“M” Stamped Brake Bridge

– Andre Maury Fork

Elegant Rake
Square Crown
Three Teardrop Points
Cantilever Posts
Fender/Mudguard Mounts
Rack Mounts
Blue/Red Box Lining

– Steel Headset (French, 25mm Diameter)
– Cyclo Rear Derailleur (4 Speed)
– Cyclo Derailleur Lever (4 Speed)
– Le Chat Front Derailleur (2 Chainrings)
– Rosa Chainrings (Front: 48T, Rear: 30T)
– Brampton Course Chain (French, Half Inch)
– French Freewheel (4 Speed, 14T-16T-19T-22T)
– M.A.F.A.C. Brake Levers (Open Back, 1st Generation)
– M.A.F.A.C. Criterium Brakes (Cantilever, 1st Generation)
– Randonneur Handlebar (Aluminum, 39cm c-c Width)
– Diamond Stem (Aluminum, 85mm Length)
– Stronglight Marque Deposee (Cottered, Fluted, 170mm Length)
– Phillips Credalux Pedals (Single Sided)
– JBJ Grand Luxe Bottom Bracket (French, Cottered Crank)
– Rigida Deco Std. Rims (36H, 650B)
– Maxi Type 1 Hubs (36H, Blue Dustcaps)
– Michelin Semi-Confort Tires (650B, 26 ½ x 1 ½ x 1 5/8)
– Ideale Model No. 90IR Saddle (Rebour Treated, CR Rodee Main, Duralumin)
– Ideale Model No. 4 Saddle Clip (Duralumin)
– Aluminum Seat Pin/Post (Sealed Cap, 26.2mm Diameter)
– Lefol Le Martele Front and Rear Fenders/Mudguards (Old Logo)
– Andre Maury Front and Rear Racks (Brazed, Matching #3668)
– 55cm ST (c-c) x 56cm TT (c-c)

Extras: Tornade Pump, Handlebar Bag, Sova Front and Rear Wingnuts (Brass), TBC Rear Reflector, ED Speedometer and Odometer, Luxor 65 Front Headlight, Luxor Rear Taillight, Roto Phare Dynamo (3V), Aluminum Fender Stays, Elt’e Bell, Sphinx Front Brake Pads, M.A.F.A.C. Rear Brake Pads, Cork Handlebar Plugs, All Hardware

Notes: Wonderful Bicycle, Extremely Rare, Original Condition, Replacement Cable Housing/Handlebar Wrap/Pump/Saddle/Tires, Small Dent on Rear Rim, Light Gomme Laque on Handlebar Wrap


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