Nice bike

Wonder if it will sell at that (reasonable) asking price.

cpt $_57

If you do a bit of research on this make and model, it is an interesting story. (From Sheldon Brown: “The Centurion Pro Tour appeared in the late 1970s and survived into the mid-1980s. It is a gem, perhaps the nicest mass-produced touring bike ever. It can be seen as the touring version of the Semi-Pro but with a slightly stronger Champion #2 frameset and the touring versions of the Semi-Pro’s nice mix of Sugino and Suntour components. It weighed in at 26lbs, not bad for a touring bike of its day.”) The first editions of the Pro Tour and Semi Pro where hand made by a highly regarded frame builder in Japan using Tang Champion tubing. The frame was then completely chrome plated then painted to a high standard and pinstriped by hand. The Centurion and Pro Tour logos are not decals or stickers but were silk screened using enamel. That is a lost art in bike building. This example is very presentable, as you can see. It was originally sold in Tucson AZ. I am the second owner. The top tube measures 55cm center to center and the seat tube measures 55.5 center to center. The stand over height is 32.5 inches. The components include Sugino AT crankset, (again, quoting Sheldon Brown: “my personal favorite touring triple crankset from the 80’s”) Suntour Cyclone derailleurs and shifters, Diacompe brake levers and centerpull calipers, Nitto stem, Winpista handlebar with elk hide sewn on covers, Sunshine Pro Am hubs with Araya 27″ rims, Honjo aluminum fenders, custom powder coated Blackburn rack, and check out the funky retro tail light and headlight. A note about the Honjo fenders: These handmade fenders are the best available. The front fender has two extra mounting points (holes) as can be seen in a couple of the photos. It is important to list what is NOT included with this auction: The Brooks Imperial narrow saddle, Brooks tool bag, Swiss pannier bags, stainless bottle, leather clad bottle cage, and peddles. All of these items will be available separately but, since everyone has there own taste and ideas as to how they want to equip a bike, I did not include them, as doing so would have forced me to start the price higher.


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