Rare in the USA

These were never sold here…


Vintage Peugeot PX -50 650-B (26 X 1-1/2) Commuter Bicycle
Up for auction is a Vintage Peugeot 650-B Commuter Bicycle. This is a European (French) model of Peugeot’s utility/commuter bicycle. The previous seller told me that it was a 1959 model year PX-50. It has the Randonneur-style brazed-on frame fittings and working generator light setup.
The frame is made of lugged steel tubing and measures 22-1/2 inches from CBB to top of seat tube. The frame and fork are straight and mostly in good condition. There are chips in the paint and decals, but the bike is in good condition for its age. The 650-B (26 X 1-1/2) Gumwall tires are in new condition.
The rear rack is attached to bosses brazed on to the seat stays and to the fenders. The front rack is mounted to the fork tube and fork fender eyelets. Both mounts result in a solid attachment.
The bike is set up as a three speed (freewheel) but the frame has the brazed-on front derailleur mount to add the front simplex lever-actuated shifter.
The only significant issues are that the previous owner had re-welded the right front cantilever brake mount and the paint around that part is damaged from the heat. (See photo). Additionally, the seat post is not original and may need to be shimmed or replaced. Finally, the internal fork lock and hinged fork lock cover are missing.
This is a grand and unique Peugeot bike that I purchased in pieces several years ago from a collector in France. This bike is not an original restoration; rather it is set up as a rider. This bike has been completely rebuilt and in sound mechanical condition.
Bicycle includes the following components:
Period Correct Simplex Rear Derailleur
C1970’s Simplex Rear Shift Lever
Nervar Steel Cottered Crankset
Single Front Steel Chain Ring
Mafac Guidonnet Flat Bar Brake Levers
Vintage Dia Compe Cantilever Brakes
Atom & Mallard French Small Flange Hubs
Period correct Samir-Saminox 650-B Chrome Steel Clincher Rims
Three Speed Freewheel
Brooks Spring Leather Saddle
Vintage French one-piece Steel City Bike Handlebars/Stem
Rat-Trap Pedals
Front and Rear Painted Racks w/ Brazed on Frame Fittings
Front and Rear Fenders
Working Front and Rear Generator-Powered Lights



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