1975 Masi Prestige



Extremely well kept Masi model Prestige complete and fully original bicycle. Equipped with the original Campagnolo Nuovo Record gruppo pat. 75.

The Frame was handmade inside the Vigorelli shop in Milan back in 1975, first year of introduction of the Prestige model, a detail that makes this item even more rare to the eyes of a collector. Only the bar tape and the brake lever hoods were missing and new ones have been added.

The frame is beautifully kept, no major flaws are to be seen on the body, such as dents, cracks or deep scratchs on paint.
The paint job, which is the original one, is still really nice. Some minor scratches on paint are well documented by the pictures below on this page.

The bike went through a complete and professional service. The tubulars are still the original from the 70’s and they might need to be changed before having the bike ready to ride.

Due to its rarity and original condition this bicycle, that comes from one of the most renewed and famous frame-builder of all item, is to be considered a true collector’s item.

More technical details and details about the frame’s size are following too, find them in our “scheda tecnica” below.



Postscript: this auction closed at $1,491.56.


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