1973 Raleigh Professional

Top ‘o the line…


This is a 21 ½” frame (about 55cm) with rapid taper chain stays in Blue/Silver and with a full Campagnolo Nuovo Record Gruppo. It has 95% of the original components spec’d on this model and eveything is in really great condition. This includes the Brooks Pro Saddle and GB engraved handlebars attached to a 3ttt Record Stem with decal in tact. The brake hoods have been replaced with good quality after market hoods. The paint is very good, the decals for the most part are in tact and there are no dings or dents in the frame. It’s an excellent example of a top tier early 1970’s professional quality road bike and requires very little to make it pop. The Raleigh Professional modeles are extensively documented on line so you have a ready source for comparison and frame dimensions. I’m happy to discuss this bike with you in detail and if you prefer you can also reach me through Facebook.



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