Beauty in a small package


drcc$_57 (26)

Complete PANTO kit

An extremely rare find, a real masterpiece from the great builder Ugo De Rosa, a legend of the Italian framebuilding school.
Here we have an original and unrestored De Rosa complete racing bicycle from 1978, equipped with the original Campagnolo Super Record 1st generation gruppo (Pat. 78). Collectors will certainly recognize that this is no every day bike.

Great condition, paint is the original one and it shows only minor flaws. Pictures describe perfectly the actual condition of the paint job and of the bike in general, please make sure to check all of them out in the gallery below

It comes with a complete set of pantographed accessories.

Parts are in perfect working condition, the bike have been fully serviced. Just to be sure, tubulars, which are old, should be change with new ones, even if they hold the pressure.

This is simply one of teh best bike we had for sale in the latest months, a great collector’s item.

Make sure to check out all the pictures in the gallery below on this page.

More technical details and details about the frame’s size are following too, find them in our “scheda tecnica” below.


Postscript: this auction closed at an incredible $5,300.


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