Caloi bici crono

In Motorola team livery. Merckx branding would have been cooler (in our opinion).


Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the most ardent Merckx collector. Up for auction a very special bicycle, a custom Eddy Merckx MX Leader rebadged to promote Caloi, a Motorola sponsor for the 1995/1996 season. The Eddy Merckx MX Leader is considered by many to be the finest steel racing bicycle ever made, period. But if you’re looking at this auction, you most likely know this already. This bike was built specifically for one event. The team time trial for the 1995 Tour de France. It was built for Wiebren Veenstra. He was on the Motorola team for only the 1995 season. Sadly he did not make the cut for the TDF squad, therefore this bike was only used for training purposes. The overall condition is very good considering it was put in a cargo container with hundreds of other bikes when it was shipped to the states from Belgium. The most notable flaw is a dent (see picture) in the top tube caused by the cow horn bars. Some specifics on parts, 8 speed Dura Ace 7410 series components throughout with a few SRP bits to lighten the load. A pantograghed Cinelli stem, with Cinelli handlebars and prototype Profile aero bars. The front wheel is a Mavic Carbone 650c tubular for cross wind stability, the rear wheel is a 700c Specialized Tri-Spoke tubular. The saddle is a Selle Italia Flite Max. Note the STI shifters, (and the blue Motorola cable housings) these were used specifically for the team time trial bikes since the only time a rider needed to be in the aero position was when the rider was at the head of the train. Once a rider did his pull, he peeled off to drift to the back of the train. The bike is much safer and better handling to be on the cow horn instead of the temptation to ride in the aero position while navigating the corners in such a tightly knit group of riders. The bike as it stands is in its original form right down to the tires as the day it was picked up from the Motorola Team headquarters in Waukesha WI in the late fall of 1996 when the team disbanded. Sizing: seatpost from the center of the bottom bracket to the center of the top tube is 48 cm from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat post clamp is 54cm. The top tube measures 53cm center to center, the stem length is 90mm. The crank arm length is 172.5mm. 73 cm stand over.


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