Edit: caveat emptor (see the Comments section for further details).

Looks incredible.


MASI Special Nervex lugs NOS/near NOS campagnolo! – £1600 (London)

Up for sale is a restored Masi Special. For a couple of years in the early 1960s, Faliero Masi built his frames using Nervex Pro lugs. A relatively small number of Masis were built using these lugs, then Masi reverted back to the Cinelli-style lugs he had been using previously.

These Nervex Specials were all beautifully finished, the nervex lugs filed and shaped more finely than than most makers cared to do. These frames also featured the pretty matching Nervex bottom-bracket shell. These days these frames are virtually unfindable on the market.

This one measures a true 56cm c-t; 55cm c-c top-tube. The frame was restored to period-correct style by Brian Baylis, based on existing original-paint Nervex Specials, and he did his usual flawless job.

The restored bicycle is fully period-correct throughout, with NOS or near-NOS Campagnolo parts. Note things like the NOS pirelli tires. Cool Fiamme bar and stem, NOS Universal brakes with early levers and NOS hoods. The wheels have never been fully tensioned, since it was intended to be a show bike exclusively. This bike won the Judges Choice award at the 2003 Larz Anderson Concours for best restoration. The plaque comes with the bike.

The bike is in perfect, NOS condition, with a tiny bit of light wear on some parts.

I’ve ridden it once, about 25 miles, with user pedals, wheels and saddle, and it’s a lovely ride, plushy, comfortable, and fast, a typically refined top-flight italian road bike of the time.

This is a tough one to let go of, but for me she’s been a wall-queen, and I’m trying not to have any of those. She’s a consistent show-stopper, whether at a concours, or on the road. A one-of-a-kind bike, potential Queen of your collection.


2 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. Please note that while the bike is real enough, the ad in which it appeared on London Craigslist is fraudulent. The ad copy was taken directly from my ebay auction of some years ago. There is some guy–or guys–who is running the fraudulent ads for high end bikes and have been running them for years. I know because I sold this bike to central Europe years ago. Do not ever trust a craigslist ad for a bike like this unless you can see the bike in person. Talk to the seller in person, and above all, do not part with any money until the bike is in your hands.


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