Beautiful Rossin

Best we’ve ever seen…


Last gen. Super Record gruppo – Panto accessories

Professional vintage racing bike from Rossin, top of the range model Super Record, equipped with the homonym Campagnolo gruppo at his last generation before the introduction of the C-Record.

Handmade in Italy out of Columbus tubing in 1987, it is suitable to join historic bike rallies such as L’Eroica.
This is a rare and collectible bike in its original state.

Equipped with te best components available back then, it also comes with a pantographed chain-ring and seat-post. The stem was probably replaced.

The frame shows a few marks and scratches on paint, which have been mostly covered up with touch up paint by the previous owner. All details and flaws are well visible in the picture gallery below on this page.

The decal set show a few damage here and there, and they’re not applied under a clear coat, which is an original feature of this model. The columbus tubing sticker is also missing.

The frame doesn’t show any major flaw, such as dents or cracks.

The bike have been fully serviced, new bearings, new cables and housings, new handlebar tape and tubulars have been installed. Each component of the bike have been checked, resulting perfectly functioning.

Make sure to check out all the pictures in the gallery below on this page.

More technical details and details about the frame’s size are following too, find them in our “scheda tecnica” below.


Postscript: the auction closed at $1,259, which strikes us as a very good value.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Rossin

  1. Beautiful Rossin. That is truly the last generation of Super Record, as witnessed by the un-fluted crank arms. Trying to remember if the rear derailleur pulley wheels were white on this final series or possibly these were replaced with C-Record or other period Campy pulley wheels. Also, if I recall correctly, I don’t think the rear derailleur had “PAT” dates stamped on them during the final years but there is no closeup of it, but judging by the rest of the bike this one looks all period correct. There’s hardly any wear on the chainrings even! Never understood why the Italians didn’t clear coat over the decals, I remember the Columbus SL and SLX stickers on my old 80’s De Rosas chipping away fairly quickly. Judging from the size of the patch where the Columbus sticker used to be, as well as the year, I’d place my bed on it being SLX tubing. It’ll be interesting to see where this one ends up, it already has 74 bids!


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