De Rosa Professional SLX


Ugo De Rosa Professional SLX CRONO 1984/85 !!!!
Central Shifter and Rear Tube increased !!! (see the photo)
Size: 57 cm center to center vertical tube X 56 cm center to center top tube
Stem: Panto De Rosa
Saddle: Turbo (in good condition)
Group: Campagnolo C record Croce D’Aune / chorus
Brakes Levers: C Record
Brakes : C Record Delta Croce D’aune
Head Set: C Record
Shifter: Victory
Bottom Bracket: C Record
Hubs: C Record 7 speed
Seat Post: C Record Croce D’aune (Stunning modified with time trial bike)
Front derailleur: C Record Croce D’Aune
Rear derailleur: Chorus
CranckSet: Chorus
Rims: For clincher (no brand)

No Dents Or Crack

Postscript: this auction closed at $1,358. Nice buy.


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