Good opportunity (Portland, OR)

Not the best color (unless you like yellow 🙂 ), but a very attractive price.

Perhaps a good candidate to strip it down to chrome and respray in a different color, for the project-inclined.


Rare & Vintage Cinelli & Campy w/ Chorus grouppo – $775 (Beaverton)

Classic Cinelli bicycle (probably built in 1983) with a tri-color Campagnolo Chorus component accents. 58 or 59cm. A great bike in used condition. Rear hub appears to be Suntour. Some rust on chrome portions. Downtube water bottle holes and screws most likely added by original owner. Pics show some rust on brake bolts and lugs. Straight frame, beautiful craftsmanship and a nice ride. I believe that the frame was chromed completely and then painted. It’s a bit too large for me. Buy this Italian beauty and join the legend. Cash and carry.


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