Alex Singer roadie

Already located in the USA…


This is a beautiful Alex singer racing bicycle frame. Serial number on non-drive side rear drop out seems to say 7653. I believe this frame is from 1976. The lugs are everything you would expect. This bike has all of its patina since I acquired it 10 or 15 years ago. It had plenty when I got it also. This bicycle is sold as pictured. There are no brakes or brake levers.

The crank is TA as are the rings. The pedal hole covers on the inside of the crank arms are both intact and present. The original toe clips are Christophe special with pataurad straps and are included. Campagnolo Nuovo record seatpost headset front and rear derailers and hubs. The rims are newer looking Campagnolo lambda Strada clinchers.


One thought on “Alex Singer roadie

  1. Does not appear to have been sold as there were no bids. I believe the frame number starts with a “1” and not a “7”.


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