Never heard of it (more information below—provided by the seller).

Certainly very pretty.

clnr$_57 (32)

Pro team bike – Complete PANTO kit

An extremely rare find, a real masterpiece made by Colnago in 1975 and kept for all these years exactly as it was once out of the Colnago workshop for the first time.

A truly professional bike, built for a professional rider, please get a look at all details in the pictures below on this page and see for yourself.

Back in 1974 the UCI introduced a limit in pro team sponsorship. Bicycle producers were then able to sponsor only one team per season. At that point Ernesto Colnago decided to create a second brand to sponsor a second professional team. That brand was named ColnEr. Acronym of COLNago ERnesto and the team that was sponsored was the “IJsboerke – Colner” from the Netherlands.

The bike here listed comes with all the features seen on the pro team bikes from 1975, original paint-job, complete panto kit, same choice of components and accessories. It appears to be one of the original team bikes, but we have no precise information about that.

Equipped with a complete Campagnolo Nuovo Record gruppo.

This bike is an real rare item, highly collectible.

Colnago bikes were also made under the name Colner only for a short period of time between 1974 and 1975, and exclusively for a professional use.

The bike was really well kept for all these years, it shows a few spots with superficial oxidation here and there, mostly on down tube and top tube in correspondence of the rings that hold the housing in place. The Frame have been deeply checked resulting perfectly aligned and solid.

The frame doesn’t show any other major flaw such as dents or cracks. The bike have just been serviced. The tubular tires installed are not original and should be replaced with new ones.

All parts have been inspected and tuned up, resulting in perfect working condition.

It comes with a complete set of pantographed accessories.

Make sure to check out all the pictures in the gallery below on this page.

More technical details and details about the frame’s size are following too, find them in our “scheda tecnica” below.


Postscript: the auction closed at $1,077, which seems like a great price for such a bike.


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