All the colors of the rainbow (sort of)

And it can be yours for a cool US $2,000…

$_57 (36)

Vintage Cinelli Dealer Display Tube Set Laser Columbus SLX Neuron SPX SL

Brand: Cinelli

Model: Dealer Display Tube Sets

Colors: 01 Prugna Mat
02 Blu China Mat
03 Argento Mat
04 Violetto
05 Blue Pavone
06 Verde Veneziano
07 Giallo Freddo
08 Viola Ciclamino
09 Verde Loden
10 Giallo Curry
11 Rosso Ferrari
12 Classic Bordeaux
13 Blu Notte
14 Blu China
15 Azzuro Lazer
16 Black Tie
17 BMW
18 Titan Grey
19 Argento Vivo
20 Bianco Perla


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