Vittoria Open Corsa SC and Veloflex Masters Compared

We just got Open Corsas for one of our bikes—paid a pretty penny, too (all in the name of supporting one’s LBS, right?). Given the finicky nature of race tires, we hope they hold up to the abuse of NYC street use. Fingers crossed.

Allez Alain

My earlier mini-post on Veloflex tyres ended up drawing a surprising amount of traffic to this blog. In fact the most common search term that leads people here is ‘Veloflex Master 25.’ After six months of riding on those tyres they’re well past due for a change and I’m switching to Vittoria Open Corsa SC tyres. I just know someone out there will google for a comparison of the two, so let me offer my initial reactions.

Firstly a summary of the Veloflex Masters after six months use. I did 7000km in that time. Whilst I only ran the Veloflex Masters on my race wheels, I know I use those wheels more than I should, so let’s guess I did about 3500 kilometres on them. They were beginning to get pretty cut up, especially the back tyre which finally sustained a puncture yesterday, during a race.

This is the cut which cost me any place in the race. Also the first and only puncture using these tyres. This is the cut…

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