Raleigh Professional Track(s)

The market is suddenly saturated with 55-56cm Raleigh Professional Tracks… and they all (both) happen to be located in New Jersey (?).

If you love these bikes and have always wanted one, it’s a great time to be in the market.

Bike number one:

$_57 (36)rpt

You are bidding on a top of the line Raleigh Professional steel frame track bike. This is an excellent Track Racing Bicycle which, with very little adjustment, would be ready for racing.
Renault 531 tubing.
Seat tube is 55 cm from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube.
Top tube is 55 cm. From the center of the seat tube to the center of the head tube.
Seat post size is 27.2 cm.
Steerer tube diameter is 1″.
Bottom bracket is Standard English.
7.6 kilo without pedals.
Crank is Campagnolo Super Record with 47 tooth chainring. Teeth are in excellent condition. The crank length is 165 mm. These cranks alone have been sold on Ebay for more than $400.
Rear cog is 14 tooth fixed gear.
Bottom bracket is Campagnolo Super Record. Super smooth and in perfect condition. Used, this goes for in excess of $100 on Ebay.
Rear hub is Campagnolo Super Record Pista – high flange track hub, 36 holes. It also is super smooth and in perfect condition. I don’t know any of the new sealed bearings hubs that run as smoothly as this one. This hub normally sells for in excess of $100 on its own.
Front hub is Shimano Dura Ace Pista – high flange track hub, 36 holes. eEqual to the quality of the Campagnolo and equally smooth. In perfect condition. This is also sold on Ebay for over $100 used.
Head Set is Campagnolo.
Seat post is Zeus, an identical copy of the Campagnolo Record.
Rear rim Fiamme Speedy Pista, 36 hole. Manufacturer’s stated weight is 280 gm.
Front rim is Araya, 36 hole. The weight of this rim is also in the neighborhood of 280 gm.
Rims are tubular and in very good condition.
Rear tire is Vittoria Pista CS. Front tire is Panaracer Rapid. Tires are holding air, but are not glued to the rims. They are old and I consider them primarily protection for the wheels and will have to be replaced.
Overall condition of frame’s paint job is fair due to small scratches from normal use. No dents or impact on the frame’s structural integrity.
Located in Northern NJ, approximately 6 miles north of GW Bridge and 8-10 miles south of the Tappan Zee.


Bike number two:

$_57 (36rpt)

1973 Raleigh Professional Track bike from the Carlton workshop. Reynolds 531 steel with chrome Campagnolo track ends, original paint is stunning, was mainly wall art. Campagnolo Pista cranks and pedals as well as hubs, seat post, headset, Cinelli unit cantor saddle, mavic OR10 gold wheelset, clement super condor tubulars still hold air. 3ttt stem and GB bars. The frame measures 22 ctc on both st and tt (56cm).



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