Wilier Triestina bambino

We like—we like it a lot. It’s in the US, too.


Very rare, charming, serviceable (ready to glue tires and ride!) late 60’s (?) Wilier Triestina Junior Racing Bicycle in beautifully preserved condition as shown. Features scale frame tubing, Italian headset & fork w/ chrome crown, Luca saddle w/ chain-motif seat binder clamp, Gian Robert “Campione” derailleur and shift lever w/ 4 speed regina freewheel (cleaned & oiled, bearings & pauls great)/ shifting works great. Junior classic Italian pedals w/ Alpino toe clips & Erribi straps. Special custom 31cm (od) handlebar & stem w/ brazed-on junior brake levers to Universal brake calipers. New matching cable housing and cloth bar tape. Beautiful Wilier Headbadge & Stem badge. 1 yr old Vittoria Juniores sew-ups, NISI 20″ rims spin true.




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