Horse Cycles randonneuse

We don’t feature too many modern bikes on this website, but this one looks pretty special, and the opening bid seems reasonable.

Love the lugwork on this (though we would have preferred a threaded steer tube setup).


This is a very unique lightweight touring or randonneur bike custom made in the USA by Horse Cycles. The frame is made with True Temper OX Platinum for the front triangle and stainless Reynolds 953 for the rear triangle. It has hand carved stainless steel lugs and fork crown, along with a three color paint job. The craftsmanship is beautiful.

I mentioned Rivendell Bicycle Works and Schwinn Paramount P-15 as a comparison, having owned all three for the same purpose of touring. Those three bikes were the best road and touring bikes that I’ve owned. The ride quality and overall comfort was very similar between all three with the Horse being the nicer, higher quality frame.

I’ve been strictly riding mountain bikes for several years now, and I’ve come to realize that it’s time to sell my last two road bikes. I always thought I’d keep this one, just in case I ever got back on the roads (doubtful now), but I figure I can always get another one in the future if necessary. In the mean time, it wouldn’t make sense for this bike to sit on the bike rack indefinitely. This bike should be ridden and ridden often. I do intend to keep the custom racks, however, as they are unique, and I’d like to at least have them on hand if I give up the bike. There’s always a chance that I’ll get another touring bike (probably not this nice) or maybe I’m just sentimental, but the racks are not for sale.

Again, the front and rear racks are NOT included. The Schmidt E6 front lamp can be mounted using a variety of mounting hardware, and options could include the use of an alternative front rack (Nitto makes nice ones). Peter White Cycles has a great web page about mounting Dynamo lights. I recommend googling it if you’d like more information. The lamp is powered by a front dynamo hub that generates all the electricity needed.

An aluminum top cap was machined to hold a small compass just in case you lose your way.

It has a Shimano 105 group set with Ultegra levers.

Paul Comp Cantilever brakes and seatpost.

Chris King headset.

Nitto Noodle Handlebars with Brooks leather bar tape.

Saddle not included.

This frame is suitable for taller riders. The frame geometry provided by Horse Cycles is listed below:

Seat tube: 59.5 cm

Top tube: 57.5 cm

Head tube angle: 73 degrees

Seat tube angle: 73 degrees

Fork Rake: 47 mm

Standover: by my measurement is approximately 34”

Please note that the bike is used, and as such it shows normal signs of use, age, and wear. The frame is in great condition and has not suffered any damage. It displays the general kind of condition a used bike that’s several years old would be in: some marks, scratches, tiny paint chips, and normal signs of age. Overall the bike has been well cared for. Please contact me if you have any specific questions and view the pictures as a general reference of its condition.

This is a high quality build using high end steel. It’s a head-turning bike that is well suited for touring and as a workhorse. Since it’s already used, you shouldn’t be reluctant to ride it the way it was designed to be ridden, although it’s understandable if you reserve it for sunny day weekend rides.


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