NOS Bianchi X4 frameset

This one’s BYOW—bring your own wheelset (and other components…).

Staging could use a little improvement.


Excellent NOS Vintage Bianchi X4 frameset Est. 1984-1986, Columbus SLX

Estimated 1984-1986, Columbus SLX tubing

Height 58 cm center-top, length toptube 55 cm center-center

Regarding the history of the frameset: it was purchased from a small shop in Belgium, near Houffalize, a traded in by a customer to the shop. This frameset has never been built up. It was just placed on a wheelset to take some pictures. I am selling part of my Vintage collection, which includes another lovely Bianchi SLX with campy components, a Sid Standard Superbe frameset, and my Cuevas Reynolds 753 show bike with new period correct campy super record components.

This frame will be packaged and shipped from a professional Bike shop and shipping is free with the “Buy it Now” price. Not very many, if ANY, of these frames are available NOS.

Postscript: the frameset appears to have sold for $850.


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