The rubber has met the road.

Two Wheel Revival

I’ll admit, it was sorta anticlimactic. By it, I mean the first ride. It wasn’t really, but let me explain.

As mentioned previously, I got the tires installed and came home early evening and put the wheels on. We had plans that night and I had minutes to get ready. But, how could I not just take one little lap around the block, just one?

I put on the wheels, my shoes, and the Gitane on the road.

The first pedal stroke is smooth and joyous. Gliding down the small hill by house I hit the brakes. My body jerked and recoiled at the screaming sound from the brakes. Damn. Painful. My neighbor was up the street and quickly turned around with a look of shock / horror on his face as I came shooting towards him. I zipped by, nervous smile in tow, not wanting to touch the brakes I couldn’t say how…

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