Case Study – Cycling Apparel – Four Types of Makers

Interesting stuff—how does your ‘kit’ get made?

The takeaway? Only buy used wool stuff on eBay 😉


A look at four different apparel contractors that manufacture cycling apparel. There are many more than four but for the sake of this article I am only looking at four.  This article is about cycling apparel but this applies to all product specialities, especially in apparel, footwear, and accessory manufacturing.

Each contractor I mention in this article is in a different province, county or city with a different culture and language.  In addition they have a different expertise, skill set, and speciality.  Most make many products and only one specializes in knit cycling apparel.

Jinjiang City Jinjiang City, China

Xiamen City Xiamen City, China

Zhejiang Province Zhejiang Province, China

In this article I am not going to tell you which manufacture is good for what types of products or production.  This is proprietary information based on many years of thinking outside of the box, and challenging the norm.

I am only sharing with you some of the variables…

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