Eye-catching De Rosa

dr$_57 (36)

I am the original owner of this 1991 De Rosa Nuovo Classico. I had it built by one of the foremost bike builders in Seattle, name escapes me, and used all the best equipment. I have just gotten the bike out of storage and I have not ridden it in a few years so it will likely need a tune up and a complete cleaning and detail. As you can see in the pics, it uses Columbus TSX tubing and has been signed by Ugo as were all the Nuovo Classicos. I don’t remember the exact frame size, but it is around 51cm (+/- 1 cm). These were some of the last bikes that the old man actually had a hand in building himself. The bike has complete top of the line C-Record and the rare Delta Brakes. Along with the Mavic Ceramic tubular wheels, this bike has incredible braking power. Included are Campagnolo pedals, Cateye wireless computer, and the EXTREMELY RARE CAMPAGNOLO SADDLE. These saddles rarely are available for sale and when they are, they bring quite the premium on their own.



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