Vintage bike, modern shifting

We’ll be honest, we’ve been tempted plenty of times by throwing a modern cambio system onto an old bike.

Who here has done this and never looked back? We’d like to hear from you 🙂


Gios Compact from 1990s
Seat tube (c2c / c2t) – 48cm/50cm
Top tube – 52cm
Head tube – 8,5cm
Stand over – 76cm

Original Gios Compact Steel Vintage Bicycle in very good condition.
All parts working good. Hubs and rims running smoothly and round


Frame and Fork – Gios Compact
Material – Steel
Head set – Campagnolo Chorus
Crank and BB – Campagnolo Chorus / 170mm
Rear derailleur – Campagnolo Chorus 9 Speed
Front derailleur – Campagnolo Chorus
Brake- Shift Lever – Campagnolo Chorus 9 Speed
Brakes – Campagnolo Chorus
Saddle – Gios Turbo Matic 3
Rims – Rigida DP18
Tyres – Continental Grand Prix 3000
Stem – 3ttt
Handle Bar – 3ttt Ergo Power
Kassette – Campagnolo Chorus
Hubs – Campagnolo Chorus
Pedals – Without


4 thoughts on “Vintage bike, modern shifting

    • Thanks for commenting. So the convenience and improved performance of indexed shifting within a finger’s reach wasn’t all that it’s cracked up to be? Having only ever ridden C&V (read: DT friction shifters), I’m afraid I don’t have a frame of reference but was half-expecting to be wowed by the technological leap.


  1. Reader Dave writes:

    “After returning to road cycling in 2006 after not riding since the late 80’s with both indexed and friction downtube shifters, I was disappointed in with how plasticy the Campagnolo Record brake/shifters felt compared to the old Simplex Retrofriction and Campy Record and Dura Ace index shifters, but for convenience I would never go back. But it also depends on the type of riding you do. For me, I do a lot of climbing in santa monica and malibu mountains so it seems imperative. If it were just casual city riding then it wouldn’t be so imperative.”


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