1972 Frejus


Update (18 June 2015): the bike is now available for $650. Nice.


Original post (17 February 2015):

1972 classic Frejus road bike – $795 (Jefferson Township)

1972 Frejus Road Bike Champagne/Red
imported by Thomas Avenia

seat tube: 57cm
top tube: 57cm
down tube: 61cm
seat stay: 53cm
chain stay: 44cm
head tube: 13cm

Bicycle condition:
Excellent mechanical condition. Well used, but well cared for as well. The workmanship on this bike is excellent. The lugs are smoothed and filed, the paint is original and high quality.

This bike was raced and ridden extensively until 1978. It has been carefully stored for several decades, and has been only occasionally ridden since then. There are numerous chips in the paint. There are no dents or structural damage. A few very minor rust spots– around the seat post bolt and the Campy dropouts, etc, but no significant corrosion. The original decals are in place, except for the foil world championship stripes on the down tube, which were recently replaced.

Also there are white 3M reflective adhesive strips applied to the seat stays, seat tube and pedals.

The original stem was a ttt stem which was swapped for a shorter cinelli stem. The original wheels were Campy NR HF with Fiamme red label rims. The current wheels have sealed bearing ACS hubs also 1970’s vintage. The front hub skewer lever is missing a locknut and needs to be replaced, although it is functional. The Campy chainwheels (52 and 45T) have been modified by removal of the inner webbing, and Dupont Imron paint highlights have been applied to the crank web. Center pull brakes originally mounted were replaced with the Campy side pulls shown, also 70’s vintage.

Reynolds 531 frame tubes. Unknown triangle and fork tubes. Chrome fork. Bottom bracket has brazed on cable guides. Classic Frejus seat tube cluster with allen key bolt.

seat post: Campagnolo 27.0 mm
handlebar stem: Cinelli 82? mm

Running gear: All Campagnolo Nuovo Record except for wheel hubs. Derailleur marked “72”.
Wheels: AVA rims, Clement Elvezia tires, butyl tubes, no leaks.
Saddle: Mexican Unicanitor
Handlebar: ttt
Other: Christophe toe clips, red leather straps, frame appropriate size and color Silca presta valve tire pump.

This is an outstanding example of fine Italian craftsmanship. The bicycle is straight and true and rides beautifully. It is not original, but it is very close. If you are looking for a perfect specimen to hang on the wall, this is not it. If you want a nice bike to ride and enjoy, this is a unique and beautiful example of what an Italian steel frame can be. This bicycle looks pretty much like it did 40 years or so ago. It never fails to get admiring complements whenever it is ridden.



2 thoughts on “1972 Frejus

  1. I was searching on how to date/value a Frejus I have and I came across this page. I believe it to be a 1972/73, but can’t be sure because the information out there is sparse. It has all of the original campy parts, and the only upgrades/new things are the seat and the tires. What’s the best way to value this bicycle for resale?

    Here’s a photo: http://imgur.com/o8h8YrK

    Thank you for the help!


    • I, too, think it’s a ’72-’73. As you say, the information is sparse, so dating such bikes can be notoriously difficult. It’s a nice bike but looks a bit rough, and the saddle, fork, and wheelset all appear to be non-original. Optimistically, I might peg your example between $400 and $600 depending on your location (i.e., a larger urban market with a greater appreciation for this sort of thing will have more likelihood of seeking out and paying for such a bicycle). Good luck.


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