Now this is cool

Wonder how high it’ll go?


Vintage Campagnolo full “BIG” tool case.

Probably made in late 70s.

Tools for Italian threaded frames and parts.

Total weight 21kg.

Weight of tools 15kg.

Weight of case 6kg.

Wooden case with hard plastic inlay (earlier type with grained surface).

Filled with tools plus grease tub plus manual poster.



Original Campagnolo.

One owner.

Overall very good condition.

Tool case will show on outside minimal signs of age and storing,
there is one light mentionable surface scratch on the back side (see last picture)
and few small points (dings) here and there in the wooden surface (see pictures)
There are small initial tearings in the wood beside the two locks (see pictures)
what probably could be a production matter.

The foam part inside the cask cover is in very good shape.

The hard plastic inlet for the tools is in good condition without cracks
but will show chafed points where the tools touch the plastic (see pictures).

The tools itself are unused and mostly in best condition
but some of them will show light surface signs from storing and age.
The original wax guard covers of the unprotected metal parts had been removed
by the owner or the selling shop then.

Case and tools are clean and presentable.

Postscript: the auction closed at an impressive $3,490.


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