Interesting bike, regrettable color

The bike says “world class”, the paint job says “bike boom ten-speed”.


TI Raleigh SBDU (Ilkeston) Vintage, Original Time-Trial-Special Frame


Campagnolo Super-Record Components


Direct from Original and Sole Owner

For Sale: is a Raleigh SBDU “Team” bicycle which I put together, for my own use, in winter 1985/86. With my 75th birthday just past on 01 June, it now seeks a good new home.

The Frame, in Reynolds 753R, (R means “Road”) was built basically to their Time Trial Special design and my detailed specification by Raleigh’s high-end frame building unit, SBDU at Ilkeston – If you don’t know what that signifies, then please simply Google:

Raleigh Specialist Bicycle Development Unit (SBDU) Ilkeston

It was ordered and supplied to me by Denton Cycles in Newcastle-on-Tyne which was run, at the time, by one Colin Davison (his decal is on the rims). The frame was built in Autumn 1985. The frame number is SB 7542 and the size 54 cm c/t. The finish and the few decals, which include SBDU and the Gerald o’Donovan (Go’D) insignia, are original and still immaculate. No part of the original frame has been either renovated, retrofitted, repaired, removed, replaced, modified or repainted since new.

The Equipment: is a showcase of the very best available in 1985/86 and is what I originally fitted around then, except for the saddle (c1990) and possibly the toe-straps. Please study the following specification and the photos for more detail. You might consider that the tyres should be replaced due to age alone and you may be right but I do inflate them from time to time to 6+ bar and they seem to be perfectly ok. Lacking is only a longer test-ride to clearly confirm that. Everything else is working smoothly and correctly like new. The pedals have a few minor rubs e.g. the right dust-cap and the black anodisation on the top edge of the back-plates, which is rubbed by the shoe-plates. The appearance of everything else is essentially unmarked.

History and Condition: The bike was seldom used for training or riding out but almost exclusively in a few time-trials and triathlons from 1986 till 1990. Even this modest load was shared by a Koga and a Somec. However the Raleigh did help me to a bronze medal at the ETU European Masters in 1990. After that it was rarely used at all, with practically no use since 1993. It never got wet !! and has always been stored in a dry cellar so that today it is in pristine condition, both mechanically and aesthetically! The left fork blade does have a small (about 1cm²) superficial scuff (incurred in loading for transport) near the end but it does not penetrate the paint top coat. Otherwise, although there must be some microscopic surface wear and a tiny speck here and there, after the many years, the frame is practically perfect in all respects, with no rust, dents, distortions, scratches or even fading, some accumulated dust being the heaviest “disfigurement”. Obviously, this bike has always been over-indulged with love and care (I’m an Engineer). The colour and lack of decals (both original specification) did buck the trend for SBDU frames. The choice reflects my personal preference for simplicity in presentation, particularly when it comes to the appreciation of a frame geometry as graceful as an SBDU’s.

So, What do You Get? : Overall this is a period-true, top-class, vintage racing bike project in one-stop shopping, contingent only upon the frame-size being appropriate. It has “everything the retro-man could desire” without compromise and in amazing condition! Obviously you can save substantially on cash and hassle compared to trying to collect, renovate and assemble anything nearly as prestegious. Frankly, I was tempted by the prevailing market conditions, to dismantle and sell the bits separately but, given its provenance, this bike so much belongs together that I couldn’t bring myself to do that.

If you’re still reading and you’ve checked out SBDU, you probably recognise the calibre of the subject of this sale; so do consider carefully whether you’re cool enough to let the rather rare opportunity slip by. You are? Then prepare to endure years of self-kicking! If, on the other hand, your further consideration generates questions, please do not hesitate to communicate them to me.


Frame size & number Seat tube 54 cm. (c/t), top tube 53 cm. (c/c). SB 7542

Tubes, forks and stays Reynolds 753R. Vertical dropouts. Cinelli fork crown.

Seat-stays Double-taper fastback to SBDU design

Lugs Long point, Prugnat 62d, then standard at SBDU.

Bottom bracket housing Cinelli

Chainset & BB Campagnolo SR 170 mm. Fluted cranks. 52/42 t

Front changer Campagnolo Super-Record

Rear derailleur Campagnolo Super-Record

Gear levers Campagnolo SR – on brazed down-tube bosses.

Freewheel block Campagnolo Ergal (alloy) 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22 t.

Handlebar, stem Cinelli 42 cm /100 mm. Firm foam-rubber sleeve grips.

Brakes Campagnolo Super-Record (rubber hoods still good).

Brake shoes & blocks Shimano retrofit. Original Campagnolo will be supplied.

Saddle Selle Italia Flite Titanium.

Pedals Campagnolo Superleggeri with titanium axles.

Toe-clips Campagnolo alloy.

Hubs Campagnolo Super-Record

Seat pillar Campagnolo Super-Record, fluted

Headset Campagnolo Super-Record

Rims / Tubulars Mavic Monthlery Legere, 28″ / Clement Mirage.

Spokes 32/32 round butted stainless.

Colour Brown monochrome.(supplied by SBDU, to my specification, as my custom colour choice).

Apart from the colour, my own custom specifications also produced the rear brake bare-cable routing along the top (slightly left of centre) of the top tube and vertical rear dropouts to allow shorter chain-stays and get the wheel “tucked in tight” behind the seat tube. My recollection is that, at the time, I had to accept Shimano rear dropouts to get this, no Campagnolo being available. There is also a brazed-on front changer bracket as an addition to the standard Time-Trial-Special specification which had none. And finally, just by the way, it goes like a bat-outta-hell.


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