Don’t know if this is a special bike – we’ll leave that to the experts – but we do love classic (by which we mean pre-1970s here) Celeste.

bc$_57 (36)

Vintage 69(?) Bianchi Corsa Special Bicycle Campagnolo Universal 3ttt 54/56 cm ( c to c seat/top tube). Very good condition. Head tube lug is stamped 2E69300. Front fork tips and fork crown are chromed. Chrome is in very good condition. This is a very original example of a late 60s or early70s Bianchi racing bike. The serial number and some parts lead me to believe this is a late 60s model, but the axle nuts indicate a couple years later or that they have been replaced. Check pictures closely before bidding! Ask questions before bidding! Pay by PayPal. ESTIMATED Shipping is $150 U.S. (I refund any overage). I pack carefully and will probably pack wheels and frameset separately. Thanks for looking!

Frameset Bianchi Corsa Special 54 cm seat tube (c to c) 56cm top tube (c to c).

Wheels Nisi Moncalieri rims (36 spoke) w/Campagnolo Record hubs/skewers and Vittoria Ralleye tubular tires (tires not originals). Axle nuts are marked 72.

3ttt bars with 3ttt Record 95mm stem…that still has the decals on it! Velox white cotton tape(tape new) Bar-end plugs are white plastic and embossed Bianchi / Milano.

Brakes are Universal Extras (68s?) Brev 453949. Hoods are reproduction replacements. Cables are the originals.

Front derailleur and shift levers are Campagnolo. Rear derailleur is Campagnolo Record 1020. The 1020 rear derailleur was used on Bianchi bikes into 1970.

Crankset is a Campagnolo Strada 170 – no date code, indicating it is pre-1970. Regina chain and freewheel.

Campagnolo top tube cable clamps and seat post. Seat is Unicanimex.


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